At AGBT, Complete Genomics showcases expanded sequencing applications, talks from customers and collaborators on research powered by the DNBSEQ-T7 Sequencer

The genomic sequencing solutions provider also introduces Q40 sequencing quality, announces new DNBSEQ™ products

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 6, 2024 — Complete Genomics, a California-based life sciences company that provides novel, comprehensive sequencing solutions, today highlighted expanded sequencing applications enabled by DNBSEQ-T7, a leading high-throughput sequencer which will be the subject of customer talks at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting.

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After four years in the field, the DNBSEQ-T7, or the T7, remains a leading sequencer in its class, due to its speed, accuracy and flexibility. With four independently operated flow cells, it can accommodate 14-16 genomes per flow cell and sequence up to 64 whole genomes in 24 hours. Coupled with $1.50 per Gigabase pricing, equivalent to a $150 genome, and truly PCR-Free data, the T7 provides a compelling platform for a range of labs. The T7 enables a wide range of applications such as CompleteWGS, a novel phased genome approach, spatial transcriptomics, cf-DNA sequencing for MRD and early detection, and single cell sequencing. Enabling these applications at scale are required to advance biological knowledge and insights. The T7 is an ideal platform to perform large scale, more complex research studies.

StandardMPS 2.0 – Improved Q40 sequencing quality on a range of DNBSEQ platforms

In 2024, Complete Genomics will introduce the StandardMPS 2.0 update to their line of DNBSEQ platforms to deliver improved sequencing quality as measured by the percentage of Q40 bases.

StandardMPS 2.0 is enabled by updated sequencing reagents and software to deliver Q40 data quality, improving overall sequencing performance, and will be initially introduced for select DNBSEQ instruments including T7, DNBSEQ-G99, and DNBSEQ-G400 in 2024.

“The StandardMPS 2.0 chemistry demonstrates Complete Genomics’ commitment to continuing to advance the core technology to continue to meet the needs of researchers as they pioneer novel ways to utilize sequencing data. We are excited for our customers to experience first-hand the benefits that this solution will enable for their work, “said Rade Drmanac, cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of Complete Genomics.

New product: DNBSEQ-G800

• The DNBSEQ-G800, a new mid-throughput sequencing platform capable of single end sequencing reads up to 600bp with Q40 >90% sequencing quality using the novel CoolMPS chemistry which is useful for applications such as metagenomics and HLA sequencing. The same platform enables PE150 with exceptional Q40 > 98% and SE200 reads with average Q50 quality (1 error in 100kb raw reads) for highly accurate sequencing of cfDNA for MRD and early cancer detection.

Now commercially available in the U.S.: DNBSEQ-T20X2 and DNBSEQ-E25

• The DNBSEQ-E25 is a compact, robust and portable mini sequencer that can be used inside or outside the lab. It generates 25M paired-end 150bp reads in 20h directly on the CMOS chip without illumination. It seamlessly incorporates a microfluidic chip, an integrated CMOS detection module, self-luminous dye chemistry and a proprietary computing model, creating a lightweight and cost-effective instrument for installation across a wide array of lab settings to enable applications such as disease outbreak and environmental monitoring.

• The DNBSEQ-T20X2 is Complete Genomics’ ultra-high-throughput sequencer for the most challenging projects, delivering efficient sequencing at less than $1 per Gigabase. It generates up to 20Tb of high-quality data per day with low duplication rates. It can provide up to 50,000 30x whole genomes per year, supports one to six slides per run and each slide can be configured with different, supported sequencing types. Highly accurate base calling and robust copy number correction is ensured by our robotics-enabled fluidics, which uses whole-wafer-sized slides.

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