Fully Automated Small Batch NGS Liquid Handling With a Cost-Effective Bench Top Platform

DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System (SP-100)

Our low- to medium- throughput, automated, eight fixed pipette head liquid handling platform optimizes library prep to support massively parallel sequencing.

Features and Benefits

With eight fixed pipette heads, the SP-100 offers a compact, integrated design that incorporates liquid handling, PCR, a magnetic rack, and a HEPA system. This user-friendly instrument rapidly manages DNA extraction to library preparation with a compact, benchtop footprint. Comprehensive automation frees users from repetitive tasks and is easily customizable for multiple applications.

High-Throughput Sequencing - Automated icon-automated
Batch operation supports ease-of-use and fast turnarounds.
System handles nucleic acid extraction, size selection, DNB production, magnetic bead purification, PCR, and target capture.
Intelligent Library Prep icon-intelligent
Flexible interface boosts ease-of-use and customizability.
SP-100 Features
Fixed-8 Channel Pipette Tool
  • The fixed-8 pipetting tool accomplished liquid handling in rows
  • The tool also offers single tip pipetting for certain processes
  • Pipette volume range: 2uL-200ul (use sign for microliter)
  • Platform combines flexibility and cost effectiveness
Controlled Environment
  • Enclosed instrument with integrated HEPA filters for operator safety
  • Dual ultraviolet lamps effectively reducing contamination and aerosols
Magnetic Bead Purification Module
  • On-deck high magnetic field strength deck module for automated separation methods
  • Enables fully automated extraction and purification processes
  • Automated lifting rack eliminates the need for a gripper tool to move the plates
Automated Thermocycler
  • Integrated PCR module automates for on-deck amplification process
  • Provides fast and precise temperature control (4 – 99 °C)
Temperature Control Module
  • Accurate temperature control, range from 40°C – 90°C

Completely automated library preparation simplifies and standardizes sample preparation.

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