Complete Genomics and Basepair™ Announce Technology Integration Partnership

SAN JOSE & NEW YORK – November 2, 2023 — Complete Genomics and Basepair, Inc today announced a technology integration partnership to accelerate the analysis and interpretation of genomic data generated by Complete Genomics’ DNBSEQ™ sequencing platforms. The partnership gives Complete Genomics’ customers seamless access to Basepair’s bioinformatics platform deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and use its easy-to-use point & click user interface to launch and orchestrate NGS workflows in the cloud, either by provisioning in their own accounts or via Basepair’s hosted service. Users of the new service will also receive preferential commercial terms to run industry standard secondary analysis tools and pipelines for NGS analysis and interactive visualization, providing Complete Genomics with a secure, reproducible, cost-effective, and scalable cloud solution for their customers.

“This commitment encompasses not only the creation of sequencers for our customers, but also the provision of comprehensive analytical tools for securely interpreting sequencing data,” said Rob Tarbox, Complete Genomics’ Vice President of Product and Marketing. “Partnering with Basepair enables our customers to connect their own AWS accounts, taking a platform approach to bioinformatics that doesn’t just translate to enhanced data security and integrity, but also reduces cloud costs, making the process more efficient and seamless.”

“Our partnership with Basepair is another way for Complete Genomics to make our customer experience more seamless at all stages of the NGS workflow,” Tarbox said.

“It’s long been the holy grail of genomics to deliver a seamless sample to answer experience for scientists and clinicians,” Basepair’s CEO & Founder, Amit Sinha, said. “Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to that vision becoming a reality. By enabling Complete Genomics customers to more easily derive value and knowledge from the data generated with their instruments and in a way that eliminates data movement, we will finally be in a position as an industry to unlock the full potential of NGS data.”

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About Basepair™

Basepair Inc is a market leading point & click bioinformatics company focused on unlocking the full potential of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. Its SaaS platform abstracts away the DevOps normally required to manage data and run analyses on AWS, yet provisions inside a customer’s own AWS account to avoid data movement and improve security & compliance. The resulting democratization of NGS analysis and visualization reduces the downstream bottlenecks that can often slow down R&D projects, accelerating time to scientific and diagnostic insight. To learn more, visit