Fully Automated Accessioning and Benchtop Sample Tube De-Capping/Re-Capping with Sample to Microplate Transfer

STP-3000 Automated Sample Transfer Processing System

Safely remove samples from a variety of tube types, including screw-capped, swab style, microtubes, and others. Simplify sample accessioning liquid transfer with an automated, benchtop system that accurately transfers 96 liquid samples from 96 sealed tubes to a 96-well microplate in just 40 minutes.

From Sample to Report in One System

The benchtop STP-3000 integrates a tube handling robotic arm, de-capping and re-capping module, tube barcode reading, liquid handling pipetting channel and negative pressure protection to provide fast and convenient sample transfer. Safely remove caps, transfer liquids to a microplate and re-cap the sample tube with the same cap, reducing waste and eliminating the risks from operators handling biological collection tubes.

Safe Decapper icon-safe
Safely un-cap a wide variety of collection tubes and transfer sample liquid into a microplate and re-cap with the same cap.
Clean Decapper icon-clean
Two HEPA filters and a UV light ensure a safer environment, with the HEPA filters providing 99.995% filtration efficiency at 0.3µm.
Flexible Exome Sequencing icon-flexible
Adapts to various closure types, saliva and feces containers, and optional blood collection tubes.
Decapper STP3000 STP3000-instrument-features-1col-1940x1100
Decapper STP 3000 STP3000-instrument-callouts-1col-1940x1100
STP-3000 Features
Vacuum Sealed Containers
  • Decapper can be configured to remove vacuum tops or screw caps
  • No need to remove swaps from tubes in system
Single Channel Pipetting Module
  • Single channel pipetting module
  • Accurate and reliable pipetting
  • Pipetting from 10μL to 1000μL
Easy to Use Software
  • Integrated 23 inch touch screen
  • Running status and results can be displayed in real time
  • Simulation function available to test protocols
  • Labware consumable library facilitates protocol writing
  • Capacitive (cLLD) liquid level detection allows for reliable pipetting techniques
Barcode Scanner
  • Capping station rotates tube for scanner access, no need to arrange tube barcodes in any orientation
  • Dual sensors scan both tubes simultaneously
  • System transfers tube barcode to plate output text file
Tube Gripper
  • Industrial Epson robot and tube gripper tool
  • High speed, reliable tube movement
  • Multiple finger-sets allow for a variety of tube types
  • Real time grip sensing in tool
Screw Caps
  • Standard finger-sets can work with a variety tube typesThe tool also offers single tip pipetting for certain processes
  • Tubes are re-capped with the SAME cap after sample has been pipetted
  • No need to align bar codes facing in any direction
See the STP-3000 in Action

Use the STP transfer processing, SP sample preparation system and ZLIMS laboratory information management system together to maximize testing efficiency.

Total Automated Sample Accessioning
from a Collection Tube

Use the STP transfer processing, SP sample preparation system and ZLIMS laboratory information management system together to maximize testing efficiency.

A Complete Solution for
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