Consolidate Bench Space With Ultra-Throughput Quad Head Magnetic Bead Extraction Platform.

Ultra-Throughput Automated Magnetic Bead Extractor (SP-NE384)

Built around magnetic rod extraction technology to eliminate pipetting, the NE384 has four 96 magnetic pin tools in a single arm to run extractions from virtually any magnetic bead purification kit. Optimize and consolidate your workflow, replacing four extraction units with a single ultra-throughput platform.

Features and Benefits

The advanced quad head magnetic pin tool arm optimizes any magnetic bead kit and consolidates bench space with a single platform. Run a single, 96- or 24-well plate or batch two, three or four plates to run simultaneously.

By loading pre-filled wash and elution buffer plates on the deck, labs can mix different extraction chemistry kits in the same run. Combined with customizable coated magnetic beads and nucleic acid extraction kits, the NE384 can perform multiple applications –from DNA/RNA isolation to high-volume liquid biopsies – in record time.

Portable DNA Sequencer - Efficient icon-efficient
Save lab bench space with quad magnetic heads on a single platform. 96- or 24-pin arrays support simultaneous plate processing.
Flexible Exome Sequencing icon-flexible
Together with nucleic acid extraction kit, the SP-NE384 can simultaneously extract and purify nucleic acids from 96,192, 288, or 384 samples.
Safe Decapper icon-safe
Integrated HEPA filtration system and UV lamps ensure pure nucleic acid extraction, sample integrity, and a clean working environment.
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SP-NE384 Features
Quad (4x96) Magnetic Pin Tool Arm
  • Four magnetic pin heads work simultaneously to process almost any mag bead separation / purification process
  • Quad Heads can be configured with 96 or 24 pins to process different numbers of samples
UV Disinfecion Lamps
  • Integrated ultraviolet disinfection before and after protocols
  • Effectively reduces contamination and aerosols
HEPA System
  • Platform integrated HEPA filtration with 99.99% at 3μm
Temperature Control Module
  • From +5°C above ambient temperature to 115°C

Consolidate bench space and move to an ultra-throughput quad head magnetic bead extraction platform. Work with MGI magnetic bead extraction kits or any other industry standard magnetic bead kit.

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