SDS Data
DNBSEQ-T7 Cleaning Reagent Kit(FCL PE150)
DNBSEQ-T7940-000841-00FCL PE150
High-Throughput Single-End Sequencing Primer Kit (App-D)
DNBSEQ-G99 High-throughput Sequencing Set(FCL SE100-PE50)
DNBSEQ-G99940-000904-00FCL SE100-PE50
DNBSEQ-G99 High-throughput Sequencing Set(PE150)
DNBSEQ-G99 High-throughput Sequencing Set (App-C FCL SE100)
DNBSEQ-G99940-000906-00App-C FCL SE100
DNBSEQ-G99 High-throughput Sequencing Set (App-C FCL PE150)
DNBSEQ-G99940-000907-00App-C FCL PE150
DNBSEQ-G99 Cleaning Reagent Kit
DNBSEQ-T7 High-throughput Sequencing Kit(FCL PE150)
DNBSEQ-T7940-000835-00FCL PE150
DNBSEQ-T7 High-throughput Sequencing Kit(FCL PE100)
DNBSEQ-T7940-000837-00FCL PE100
DNBSEQ-T7 DNB Make Reagent Kit(FCL PE100)
DNBSEQ-T7940-000848-00FCL PE100

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