Automate Manual Pipetting With Flexible, Independent-Tip Liquid Handling Platform

Eight Independent Channel Pipetting Robot (SP-Smart 8)

The SP-Smart 8 offers automated liquid handling for individual tubes or microplate wells. The instrument delivers flexibility and ease-of-use to set up, run and track processes that would otherwise be pipetted manually.

Features and Benefits

Advanced automation boosts ease-of-use and reduces manual inputs. The Smart 8 preserves valuable reagents, to reduce waste, and is easily configurable with racks to hold test tubes, microplates, and reagent troughs.

Smart 8 integrates on- and off-deck modules, such as thermocyclers, shakers, magnetic plates, and readers to optimize liquid handling. The instrument is easily configured for cherry-picking, sequencing library preparation, sample pooling, sample concentration normalization, pipetting and other applications.

Flexible Exome Sequencing icon-flexible
Eight independently-controlled pipetting channels help the instrument access tubes or individual microplate wells to set up any assay or pipetting process.
The Smart 8 has the flexibility to load any required labware and integrate a variety of on- and off-deck modules and is readily configurable to meet your needs.
Intelligent Library Prep icon-intelligent
Equipped with integrated gripper to move labware, provide tube/plate bar code scanning, and complete output file tracking.
Automated Liquid Handling SMART 8 SMART8-instrument-callouts-1col-1940x1100
Smart8 Features
Independent 8-channel Pipette Tool
  • Independently controlled pipettes are compatible with a variety of tip sizes
  • Variable independent channel spacing offers flexibility for protocol designs
  • Pipetting ranges from 1uL to 1000uL
  • Offers both capacitive (cLLD) and pressure-based (pLLD) liquid level detection
Plate Scanner
  • Horizontal plate barcode scanner is located on gripper tool and allows full deck access
  • Creates data file record of plate and rack position
Configurable Deck
  • 30 independent deck positions offer flexibility for components to support a variety of protocols
  • Active rack position sensing
  • Variety of consumable carriers
Plate Gripper
  • Gripper is included as standard equipment on ISP-Smart8 instruments
  • Operates on independent drive system
  • Gripper wrist allows for rotation and off-deck peripheral instrument access
  • Real-time sensing of the grip force status ensures stability of automated runs
Tube Scanner
  • Frame mounted vertical test tub scanner is standard on ISP-Smart8 instruments
  • Scans labware as deck is manually loaded
  • Produces data file record for tube and rack position
Customizable for Applications
  • Flexible automated liquid handling workstation for tube or plate applications
  • Multiple deck options allow customization for automated functions and variety of labware
  • For use in genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening, and more

The Smart 8 platform supports many liquid handling operations and applications, reduces manual pipetting, and tracks every transfer.

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