Retain Maximum DNA Integrity FFPE DNA Extraction Prepacked Kit (SP-NE32)

Our automated nucleic acid extractor applies magnetic rod technology to extract and purify nucleic acids from 16 or 32 samples in 10 minutes.

Features and Benefits

The SP-NE32 is a simple to use, automated nucleic acid extractor that uses magnetic rod technology to purify DNA, RNA and proteins, eliminating manual pipetting. SP-NE32 can use virtually any industry standard magnetic bead kit to extract and purify from 16 or 32 samples in about 10 minutes.

MiSeq - Flexible icon-flexible
Small benchtop instrument works with most industry standard magnetic purification kits to process nucleic acids or proteins.
MiSeq - Fast icon-fast
Easy to Use
With simple, preprogrammed steps and an integrated touchscreen, labs can use these magnetic bead purification and extraction kits right out of the box.
High-Throughput Sequencing - Cost Effective icon-cost-effective
Excellent fit for labs with low- to medium-throughput extraction needs.
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SP-NE32 Features
Mixing and Magnetic Module
  • Multiple protocols and reagents available for simplified nucleic acid extraction
  • Extract and purify nucleic acid from 16 or 32 samples
Magnetic Rod based extraction
  • Rods have strong magnetic absorption and are covered with single use labware
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A Complete Solution for
Every Step of Your Workflow

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