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DNBSEQ-E25 Portable Sequencer

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From Sample-to-Report in One System

The DNBSEQ-E25 sequencer is a compact, standalone system that can be used inside or outside the lab – anywhere. The E25 seamlessly incorporates a microfluidic chip, an integrated CMOS detection module, self-luminous dye, and a proprietary computing module, creating a lightweight and cost-effective instrument that is not restricted by location.

Portable DNA Sequencer - Plug and Play icon-plug-and-play
This integrated sequencer is ideal for remote sites, providing ease-of-use and convenience.
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Quick and easy setup means you can start your run in just 10 minutes.
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No washing between runs streamlines your sequencing.
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Sample-to-report in one system

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Portable DNA Sequencer - Plug and Play E25-integrated-flowcell-2col-1940x835

The integrated microfluidic sequencing chip with the CMOS detection module underneath each spot reduces the sensibility of environmental requirements, the cost, and the weight of the sequencer, making it truly plug and play.

Performance Parameters
ReadsRead Length Data Output Run Time* Q30
25M SE1002.5 Gb 5 hr >90%
PE1507.5 Gb 20 hr >80%
* The run time includes DNB loading and FASTQ generation time. Barcode sequencing time is excluded.
Portable DNA Sequencers E25-data-analysis-2col-1440x960

Data Analysis Has Never Been Easier

DNBSEQ-E25 also comes with an advanced model, DNBSEQ-E25A, which includes an enhanced computing module that can run data analysis for whole-genome sequencing and other applications.

All our sequencing platforms can work as standalone systems, from sample to result, without a network connection. As a result, there is no data breach risk, and you can be assured your data is secure.

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