Process Entire Microplates for High-Throughput NGS With Low-Volume 96-Channel Liquid Handing Platform

High-Throughput Automated Sample Prep System (SP-960)

With its low dispensing volume, 96-channel pipetting head arm, integrated microplate gripper tool, PCR module, magnetic rack, shaker, and temperature-controlled deck modules, the SP-960 liquid handling platform delivers fast and efficient nucleic acid extraction, RT-PCR, and sequencing library preparation.

Features and Benefits

The SP-960 is our high-throughput liquid handling platform. Equipped with a low-volume, 200uL, 96-channel pipetting tool and an integrated microplate gripper, this instrument can be configured with a PCR module, magnetic separation position, shaker, and a temperature-controlled position to fully support high-throughput NGS. The 24-position deck can be configured to support a variety of library prep kits for WGS, exome/target sequencing, RNA/transcriptome sequencing, amplicon sequencing and other applications.

Precise Library Prep icon-precise
Low-volume 200uL, 96-channel pipetting tool ensures accuracy.
Flexible Exome Sequencing icon-flexible
24-position deck supports multiple configurations for customizable workflows.
Intelligent Library Prep icon-intelligent
Fully automated plate-based liquid handling, with integrated thermocycling, magnetic separation, and temperature-controlled positions, completes full NGS workflow.
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SP-960 Features
96 Channel High Precision Pipetting Tool
  • High throughput 96 channel precision 1-200uL pipetting tool
  • Offers flexibility to dispense/aspirate rows of 8 or full plate of 96 wells
UV Disinfection Lamps
  • Integrated ultraviolet disinfection before and after protocols
  • Effectively reduces pathogens and aerosols
Plate Gripper
  • Integrated on 96 channel pipetting tool
  • Moves labware plates and lids maximizing deck efficiency Gripper is compatible with a wide variety of labware
Magnetic Bead Purification Module
  • Fully integrated high magnetic field strength deck module for rapid and efficient separation methods
  • Enables fully automated extraction and purification processes
Platform Deck
  • Flexible platform deck with 24 SBS-formatted microplate positions
  • Available modules include: hot/cold temperature control, shaker, integrated PCR, magnetic plate for bead-based separations Pipetting ranges from 1uL to 1000uL
Automated Thermocycler
  • Integrated PCR module automates critical steps in sample preparation and reduces manual intervention
  • Provides fast and precise temperature control (4-99C) to ensure reproducible nucleic acid amplification

Process entire microplates for high-throughput NGS applications with our low- volume, 96-channel, liquid handing platform.

Library Prep Features SP960-instrument-features-1col-1940x1100
Library Prep Work Flow SP960-workflow-ngs-1col-1940x500
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