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Complete Genomics offers a range of end-to-end NGS solutions for spatial transcriptomics.

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Our unrivaled, all-encompassing solutions will help you break open new pathways and new opportunities.
Discover how a complete spectrum of product innovations from sample extraction through sequencing and analysis can change the way you research.

DNBSEQ™ Technology

Our proprietary DNBSEQ™ technology provides extremely efficient and accurate real PCR-free NGS.


Using rolling circle replication (RCR) provides unrivaled accuracy with no clonal error or index hopping.


The combination of RCR and the high density of our patterned array ensures a low duplication rate, leading to low cost. Additionally, our flow cell loading requires no expensive DNA quantification instruments or reagents.


RCR is completed prior to loading onto the array or flow cell, eliminating the expensive and time-consuming steps of DNA quantification.

Improving lives through genomics

At Complete Genomics, our mission is to change the way genomics is approached today so we can change the lives of people tomorrow. We strive to create solutions that will change the face of genomic accessibility, and finally deliver on the promise of cost-effective genomics.