WGS for Ultrasensitive MRD Detection & Monitoring with DNA Nanoball Sequencing

With the recent drop in sequencing costs, it has become feasible to track thousands of somatic variants from cancer genomes in plasma, achieving exceptional sensitivity for minimal residual disease (MRD) detection.

In this webinar,  Li Weng, senior vice president and head of R&D at AccuraGen, will elucidate the use of whole-genome sequencing (WGS) in detecting MRD in cancer patients and monitoring treatment response. 

Rade Drmanac, chief scientific officer and co-founder of Complete Genomics, will present how DNA nanoball sequencing technology eliminates index hopping and clonal errors, facilitating greater accuracy and flexibility during sequencing. 

Attendees will learn: 

  • How the utilization of WGS empowers the highly sensitive detection of MRD in patients with solid tumors. 
  • The wealth of information that WGS provides beyond the detection of residual disease, and its potential impact on cancer patient management. 
  • The advantages of DNA nanoball sequencing technology. 

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