Using Multiplexed Multi-Omics to Study Spatial Heterogeneity in Ovarian Cancer

Studying the spatial organization of all the cells in the niche or neighborhood of a tumor is crucial to fully understand how cancers progress. Since proximity speaks to cellular activity, the spatial positioning of cells certainly plays a role in modulating clinical outcomes. However, most platforms used to reconstruct the tumor ecosystem (TE) fail to include spatial context in the three-dimensional (3D) space of a solid tumor with single-cell resolution, and thus lack information on cell-cell or cell-extracellular matrix interactions.

In this webinar, Dr. Sammy Ferri-Borgogno will present the results of a study that provides insights into the molecular basis of spatial cell heterogeneity in ovarian cancer. During her presentation, she will present a pipeline of integrated multiplex multi-omics 3D spatially resolved modalities using FFPE gynecological tumor samples. The multi-omics modalities she will discuss include non-targeted mass spectrometry imaging, Stereo-seq, and targeted seqIF. You’ll learn how these spatially resolved modalities identify analytes in voxels across serial tissue sections, revealing an integrated 3D spatial map that displays cell identity, activation, and energized status.

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