PCR-free Whole Genome Sequencing with DNBSEQ™ Technology

There is an increasing demand for whole genome sequencing (WGS), but cost is still a barrier for small-scale projects. To bring WGS to broader clinical use, efforts have been undertaken to further reduce cost and turnaround time while improving sequencing performance.

This webcast will highlight how to accomplish completely PCR-free WGS – in which the whole process is not only PCR-free during library preparation, but also PCR-free during sequencing – via the DNBSEQ™ platform.

Leveraging the no clonal error rate of DNA NanoBall (DNB)-based sequencing technology and the high signal density of patterned nanoarray chips, DNBSEQ has high performance in applications such as WGS and whole exome sequencing. This process offers multiple advantages, including increased accuracy, decreased duplicates, and no index hopping.

Learn about:

  • Achieving PCR free-WGS on the DNBSEQ sequencing platforms
  • How single tube long fragment reads (stLFR) enables synthetic long reads with DNBSEQ
  • How these technologies are helping to move WGS into a new era of broad clinical use

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