Democratizing Access to Broad-scale, High Throughput Proteomics

Dr. Cindy Lawley, Sr. Director of Product Management at Olink, discusses how next-generation high throughput proteomic technologies are democratizing access to proteome-scale discoveries, enabling vast clinical and research applications from small liquid sample volumes. The integration of these advanced proteomic analyses, deployed on the Complete Genomics DNBSEQ-T7, comes genomics and clinical data to reveal profound insight into disease mechanisms and the discovery of new therapeutic targets.

  • High-throughput proteomics through Olink technology:
    Dr. Lawley presented significant advances in proteomics, specifically the affinity-based Olink technology capable of analyzing 5400 proteins simultaneously in conjunction with the DNBSEQ T7 platform. This method promises groundbreaking efficiency in various liquid biological sample types, accessible in academic, translational and commercial settings.
  • Extensive collaborative consortia and applications:
    Through major consortia such as the UK Biobank and the SCALLOP Consortium, both utilize Olink and genomics to unravel gene-to-protein-to-disease relationships. The data from these projects are made available in the public domain, enhancing global research efforts in biomarker discovery and therapeutic target identification.
  • Clinical and therapeutic implications:
    The presentation showcased how Olink technology is being used in disease areas like cancer and cardiovascular diseases, offering insights into disease progression, early detection, and treatment response. Two examples of clinical test development, one for monitoring Multiple Sclerosis and the other predicting complications from Irritable Bowel Disease, are also presented.

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