Deep Full-length Single-cell RNA-seq Enabled by DNBSEQ™ Technology

Dr. Christoph Ziegenhain has showcased the innovations in single-cell RNA sequencing of full-length transcripts and allele-specific expression of these transcripts. His approach enhances understanding of cellular function and opens up larger applications of this technology in a cost-effective manner.

  • Technical advances in single-cell RNA-seq:
    Dr. Ziegenhain highlighted the use of DNBSEQ™ sequencing platforms for deep, full-length single-cell RNA sequencing, illustrating its capability to capture transcriptional heterogeneity both within and between cell types with high sensitivity and accuracy. This is particularly important to understand the dynamics of transcriptional bursting, where allele-specific transcripts turn on at a given amplitude and for a specific duration and have their own degradation rates.
  • Integration of advanced sequencing technologies:
    By employing DNBSEQ technology for the past several years through their DNBSEQ-G99, they utilize state-of-the-art library preparation methods for full-length transcripts (Smart-Seq3). Ziegenhain and his team achieved higher read pairs, increased mapping rates, and improved data yield when comparing the latest iteration of the MPS chemistry from Complete Genomics, called StandardMPS 2.0.
  • Scale and accessibility in genomic research:
    To address accessibility of this cost-effective capability, Dr. Ziegenhain and others established Xpress Genomics utilizing miniaturized volumes to provide high-quality, cost-efficient, full-length and allele-specific single-cell transcriptome data. Through the use of automation, they have the capability of performing 9,200 single-cell transcriptome sequencing analyses daily.

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