Advancing Sequencing Capacities: Exploring DNBSEQ™ Technology and Complete WGS

Dr. Rade Drmanac, CSO of Complete Genomics, provided an overview of the recent achievements and future potential of their DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology. He underscored important developments in raising the accuracy and efficiency of sequencing, at the same time lowering costs significantly, with broad implications for personalized medicine and improved genome analyses.

  • Technological advances in sequencing:
    The evolution of DNBSEQ technology has a vital role in reducing cost and increasing accuracy of genome sequencing, and Dr. Drmanac shows significant progress in miniaturizing and automating the entire NGS workflow. Costs have already been reduced to less than $100 per whole human genome, and Q40 quality has been achieved through improved sequencing chemistries.
  • Improved sequencing accuracy and efficiency:
    The introduction of the DNBSEQ-G800 and the use of CoolMPS chemistry has led to higher data quality, lower error rates and decreasing run times.
  • Applications in genomic research and clinical translation:
    Dr. Drmanac highlighted the clinical relevance of DNBSEQ technology, reviewing the relative inability of state-of-the-art platforms to accurately call mutations in what has been called “genomic blind zones”.

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