Magnetic Bead Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit for SP-384 and SP-960

STP-3000 Automated Sample Transfer Processing System

This kit extracts high-quality genomic DNA from fresh or frozen blood, or buffy coat using superparamagnetic bead technology. The extracted genetic material can be used for PCR, real time PCR, arrays, and sequencing.

Efficient Magnetic Bead DNA Extraction icon-efficient
High Extracting Efficiency
Buffy Coat Blood Sample Styles icon-various-sample-types
Compatible with a range of sample types
High-Throughput Sequencing - Automated icon-automated
Automation friendly
Product NameMagnetic Beads Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit
Sample TypeFresh blood, Frozen blood, Buffy coat
Quantity864 Preps & 96 Preps
Compatible AutomationSP-960 & SP-NE384
A Complete Solution for
Every Step of Your Workflow

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