Blood DNA Extraction Kit for NE32 STP-3000 Automated Sample Transfer Processing System

This kit extracts high-quality genomic DNA from fresh or frozen blood using superparamagnetic bead technology. The extracted genetic material can be used for PCR, real time PCR, arrays and sequencing.

High-Throughput Sequencing - Automated icon-automated
Automation Friendly
Frozen Blood - Pre Packed Plates icon-pre-packaged-plates
Easy to use: pre-packaged plates
Frozen Blood - DNA Integrity icon-dna-integrity
Compatible with viral nucleic acid
Product Specs
Product NameNucleic Acid Extraction Kit
Sample TypeBlood, Buccal Swabs
Input Volume300 μL
Elution Volume80 μL
Test Time35 min
ApplicationsPCR, RT-PCR
Compatible AutomationSP-NE32
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