Analysis Tools

Genome Voyager

Medical research tells us that the keys to understanding both disease and good health are hidden inside the three billion base pairs of each human being’s genome. Genome Voyager makes the mass of data that describes the human genome more accessible and intelligible to the genomics research community.

CGA Tools

Complete Genomics Analysis Tools (CGA Tools) are a set of free open source software tools for downstream analysis of sequencing data produced by Complete Genomics. These tools focus on multi-genome comparisons and format conversion, and can be used to conduct various analyses including family-based analysis or case-control analysis.

Complete Genomics Tool Repository

The Complete Genomics Tool Repository contains scripts and automated workflows created by Complete Genomics experts to help you analyze Complete Genomics data. Included in the Tool Repository are scripts and programs for format conversion, genome analysis and comparison, and visualization of data.

Compatible Third-Party Tools

There are many commercial and open source software packages that complement Complete Genomics sequencing services to allow you to further explore and visualize your data. These tools can assist with filtering, annotation, format conversion, visualization, and data storage.