Public Genome Data

Complete Genomics provides free public access to a variety of whole human genome data sets generated from Complete Genomics’ sequencing service. The research community can explore and familiarize themselves with the quality of these data sets, review the data formats provided from our sequencing service, and augment their own research with additional summaries of genomic variation across a panel of diverse individuals. The quality of these data sets is representative of what a customer can expect to receive for their own samples.

This public genome repository comprises genome results from both our Standard Sequencing Service (69 standard, non-diseased samples) and the Cancer Sequencing Service (two matched tumor and normal sample pairs).

The data are freely available for use in a publication with the following stipulations:

  1. The Coriell and ATCC Repository number(s) of the cell line(s) or the DNA sample(s) must be cited in publications or presentations that are based on the use of these materials.
  2. The Complete Genomics Science paper must be referenced (R. Drmanac, et. al. Science 327(5961), 78. [DOI: 10.1126/science.1181498]).
  3. The version number of the Complete Genomics assembly software with which the data was generated must be referenced. This can be found in the header of the summary.tsv file (# Software_Version).

For additional documentation and support, please refer to the Public Genome Data Repository Service Note.