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rRNA Depletion Kit 32 RXN

Sample Compatibility: Fresh or frozen blood, buffy coat, and saliva

This kit extracts high-quality genomic DNA using superparamagnetic bead technology, providing rRNA removal efficiency of more than 99%. It is suitable for human, mouse and rat samples and is compatible with FFPE total RNA samples of different degradation levels. The extracted product can be used for PCR, RT-PCR, arrays and NGS.

Low RNA input
Buffy Coat Blood Sample Styles icon-various-sample-types
Compatible with various sample types
Efficient elimination of rRNA
Product NamerRNA Depletion Kit
Sample TypeTissues and FFPE sample
Quantity10 ng - 1 μg of total RNA
Test TimeAssay Time: ~2 hours
Hands-On Time: ~12 min
ApplicationsRNA-Seq, Transcriptome Sequencing,
total RNA sequencing, lncRNA Sequencing
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